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Half body and head shots traditional art only
Warning it could take me up to two to three weeks to complete one commission. Why because I only have two days off a week and even then it's difficult to get time to myselfso please be patient.

Conflict by Kyeronn
Traditionalwith shading will be an extra 100 points
It's en extra 100 points for additional characters

Asher by Kyeronn
Flat bust

Mother Nature and the Apprentice by Kyeronn
Head shot with out shading
it's an extra add character 100

the deal by Kyeronn
Half body flat

Same rules with the above an extra 100 points if you and shading and or another character just send the extra points to my donation pool

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Anikus's adopted Farther
Ok my apologies for my absence so I thought I would make it up to you by reviling a exclusive rough sketch of my characters Adopted farther. Tyrone. Enjoy!!!

Character belongs to me
Tales of Draconis Constelia



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Tagged by Constelia

Rules who needs rules there more like guide lines any way.

1. What is your favorite show/anime?
Hmmm it's difficult to pick well there is Attack on Titan it's well written  (in my opinion) um Naruto do I really need to explain. Elemental Glade. I can't believe I'm admitting this out loud my brother will never let this down Dragon BallZ. Other shows Pokemon, Wentworth, Game of Thrones, Star Wars Clone Wars, Outlander, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries (no I don't watch alot of TV I'm actually far far behind every one so shhh)
2. What is your opinion of Tales of Draconis?
I love it and the funny thing is that the comic hasn't even started yet. I am really looking forward to seeing the story start.
3. What's your favorite food?
Spaghetti, Soup of almost any kind, Pizza, Chicken Snitzel, Apple and Rubarb Crumble, Red Velvet Cake and Ice cream. (I can go on for ever)
4. What character(s) of mine do you like the most?
Angel she is so sweet no one would expect her to be so frightening. I'd also say Nukkua such an adorable sheek dragon so innocent.
5. What is your favorite thing do?
Well I like to read fantasy books/comics the deeper and well explained the lore is and the more well written the more interested I am. Video games I'm a sucker for medieval/fantasy/role playing/adventure/horror type of games. I love to draw mostly dragons but every once in awhile I will draw canines and felines of mine (I'm not very good at them yet but I'm working on it) and when I can I try to work on my own story Chronicles of Rolcress: Rise of Legends
6. Would you rather I post more ToD stuff, Angel Heart stuff, Fan stuff, or other projects I have yet to post art of?
Constelia you can put anything up and I will love it no matter what you are an amazing artist. It's entirely up to you what you would like to do as long as you're happy and healthy  (I hope that last comment didn't sound weird)
7. Who is your inspiration?
Hmm my inspiration comes all over the place really. People I'd say Anne Stokes was one of my biggest  (the reson why I got back into art) but ever since I came here on DA oh man talent every where! Weird hyenas, Constelia, DragonofIceandFire, Saphere, Karasura-ka, Poisondragon88, Eyesinthedark Stephdragoness Man I can go on and on with people who inspire me.
8. How many siblings to you have?
I have two a older brother who is well loving in a honest/brutal way a way only a sibling can love back or even comprehend why I put up with his crap (me and my brother are rather close) and not to worry he gets it back ;) I have a younger sister she is the most villainous evil thing I have ever met (yes even more so then me I'm so proud) but I love her unconditionally.
9. What inspires your writing/drawing?
As I have said before my inspiration comes basically from any thing. from when I'm reading, playing video games or cooking to playing with my son or some weird wacky dream I've had they even pop up out of thin air.
10. How did we meet?
Through PL I was browsing through some fan art out of bordom (waiting for buss are so boring) and I stumbled apon your Earthquake Apprentice and decided I would check out your gallery and I fell in love with the way you draw. I also noticed that your apprentice needed some relatives and I thought id give you a hand and I think we've known each other science.
11. Have you ever broken a bone?
Does a fracture count if so then yes it was in my left wrist when I was trying to stop a hard Soccer ball from snaking me in the face.
12. What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
Wow I have a lot of those but if I could pick it was one that happened recently.... I was a rainbow unicorn that had a magical power that I could turn into any food I wanted and turnd into a block of chocolate and then a bigger me came along and ate the unicorn me as a block of chocolate.
13. If you have not made a ToD oc already, would you consider making one (just kinda curious ^^;)? If you have made a ToD oc, which is your favorite one you made?
I have quite a few dragons but to get me to pick one is a difficult thing to do only because I love them all. But I guess if I can pick one it would be Iris Silverfrostwing I can relate to her the most in personality and school life with always been the odd one out. Like me she has HAAD hyper active aggressive disorder but that will not stop her from achieving her dream to be the best of herself she possibly can. (To remain true to who she is ) and if anyone has a problem with that then they can stick it where the sun don't sine :D

Who will I take um no one actually I feel rude if I do (that probably sounds ridiculous)


Kyeronn's Profile Picture
Jessica Laube
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey there
I like to do photography and draw cats, dogs and mythical creatures (97% of the time are dragons) landscapes for a hobby. But I have been working on a story known as Rise Of Legends that takes place in a world called Rolcress were the only species that do not exist are humans. This has been something I have been trying to work on for a very long time. Any way I will be posting up lore, plant life, animals; natives, Charecters and every now and then plot ideas and personal notes and insights to see what you guys think.
Thanks for watching xoxox


Kyeronn has started a donation pool!
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Pay for adoptions and point commissions here

What will these points be used for? I will use these points to by Charecters, designs and spices to be added to my story as companions, wild life or play small rolls such as background or side Charecters. When will this happen? It is very slow moving going through old folder's and trying to read my own writing back 6-11 years ago and rewritein and mapping out the lore and story's an characters.

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ok so the last poll went well so now what would you like to adopt 

10 deviants said Dragons
3 deviants said Felines e.g lion king feral warrier cats
2 deviants said or would you like to see my species Kayron's
1 deviant said canines


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