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Half body and head shots traditional art only
Warning it could take me up to two to three weeks to complete one commission. Why because I only have two days off a week and even then it's difficult to get time to myselfso please be patient.

Conflict by Kyeronn
Traditionalwith shading will be an extra 100 points
It's en extra 100 points for additional characters

Asher by Kyeronn
Flat bust

Mother Nature and the Apprentice by Kyeronn
Head shot with out shading
it's an extra add character 100

the deal by Kyeronn
Half body flat

Same rules with the above an extra 100 points if you and shading and or another character just send the extra points to my donation pool

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6th Lion King II: Simba's Pride Alternate Ending
Kiara returned to the others after failing to save Zira. She found her parents, Simba and Nala, as well as Kovu's sister, Vitani all waiting for her. But in front of them were Kovu, Timon and Pumbaa. Not only that, Kovu, Timon and Pumbaa were waiting with a bouquet of flowers. Kovu smiled at her modestly. As soon as Kiara got within a few centimeters of the first three, Kovu nudged the bouquet towards her while Timon and Pumbaa looked on at his side. Kiara took the flowers in her mouth and placed them at her feet. She then picked up one of the flowers and placed it at Kovu's feet as a gesture of good will. Then she did the same for Timon and Pumbaa as if returning the favor. Looking on, her parents couldn't help but be moved by the exchange. Even Vitani was happy, though she knew Kovu was her only family member left.
:iconspike-mactorren84:Spike-MacTorren84 2 38
Rogue One Alternate Ending
Cassian and Jyn were on the beach of Scarif, awaiting the impending doom of the Death Star's superlaser. Jyn had delivered the plans of the Death Star to the Rebel fleet above them, and now it looked grim for herself and Cassian.
Suddenly out of nowhere a U-wing flew down to them. The belly hatch opened, and Chirrut and Baze stood in the entryway.
A surprised Cassian looked relieved. "Baze! Chirrut! How did you survive?"
"No time to answer that now; let's get out of here!" replied Chirrut.
Cassian helped Jyn aboard, then he himself joined them. The Rebel operative looked at the two pilots and was surprised to see Bodhi Rook and K-2SO at the helm.
"Kay-Too! How did you survive?"
"I downloaded my programming into a new droid body and was picked up by Bodhi in a U-wing," the droid replied. "Anyway, let's go!"
The U-wing shot away from the beach and into the atmosphere just as the beach was engulfed by the storm created by the superlaser.
"What now?" Jyn asked as they entered space.
:iconspike-mactorren84:Spike-MacTorren84 1 4
Shaileer Moonflower by exellero Shaileer Moonflower :iconexellero:exellero 195 2 ToD: Guardians Reference by Doomdrao ToD: Guardians Reference :icondoomdrao:Doomdrao 56 8 I'm Not Afraid of You by Ferroth I'm Not Afraid of You :iconferroth:Ferroth 7 12 Beginner's Luck by AndrewShoemaker Beginner's Luck :iconandrewshoemaker:AndrewShoemaker 78 3 Commission Prices 2017 (closed) by LoungingLemming Commission Prices 2017 (closed) :iconlounginglemming:LoungingLemming 7 6 Lightsaber Instructions by ShenLongKazama Lightsaber Instructions :iconshenlongkazama:ShenLongKazama 4 0 Rheva'nak 001 (Screenshot) by TonyToriusImages Rheva'nak 001 (Screenshot) :icontonytoriusimages:TonyToriusImages 1 0 [Closed] Funky Sundae by Seoxys6 [Closed] Funky Sundae :iconseoxys6:Seoxys6 36 4
Star Wars : Darth Plagueis
James Luceno draws upon his prodigious knowledge of the Star Wars universe and formidable writing skill and crafts us a tale of intrigue, passion, conspiracy and above all depraved, shameless ambition. No its not X-factor, Its Star Wars : Darth Plagueis - chronicling an area of Arch-baddie Emperor Palpatine’s life not covered in the films or previous books and that of his mentor and master.  
I simply could not put this book down once I started with it. As it goes it severely cut into my ability to concentrate on the other book I had on the go - Stephen Hawking’s A brief History of Time ( immensely readable in its own right - but I’ll be honest I did have to re-read one or two bits to make sure it had sunk in!). But in a weird sort of way the two went together I thought. As we attempt to define and understand the forces that drive and animate the universe we can observe - so are Plaugueis and Palpatine. But our efforts are mostly about wanting to know what’
:iconmy16bitbrain:My16bitbrain 1 0
lazy brush set by vesner lazy brush set :iconvesner:vesner 16,724 913 The Chosen One by SmacksArt The Chosen One :iconsmacksart:SmacksArt 54 10 Voice actor meme ToD characters part 1 by poisondragon88 Voice actor meme ToD characters part 1 :iconpoisondragon88:poisondragon88 3 0


Jasper Casanova
Character Quote: "???"

Full name: Jasper Casanova
Age: 53 (26 human years)
Birth date: 10/Auctumnus
Gender: Male
Status: Alive

Species: Eastern Dragon/ Wyvern Dragon mix
Subspecies Air/Light mix
Element: Air
Skill level: adapt

Occupation: travel merchant
Kingdom: he never stays in one place

Body color: cream/caramel
Wing color: aqua/turquoise
Eye color: aqua

He is soft, kind, patient, sweet and has warm/gentle nature. He's a little shy and can be abit cautious at times. He try’s to brave when needed to be but avoids fights if possible.

Gust: can breathe a simple gust of air to knock back opponents.
Twister: able to perform a whirlpool of wind around him that picks up and sucks up anything in a 10 meter radius at max
Channel: can tune in to the wind to hear the temperature and which way the wind is going and any on coming weather.

Can full under professional skill of hypnosis.

When he was younger he spent most of his time to himself reading old books and scrolls hope was bullied alot by this. In time karma hit his bullies hard after a group called the Deadwood saw him been picked on and decided it was time to teach them a lesson and treated the bullies the same way and after that he was never picked on again. The Deadwood took him in and raised him in their circle before he was old enough abd strong enough to venture out on his own.
He started to live a quiet life traveling place to place selling books, paintings and scrolls of all kinds for a genuine price. One day he met a beautiful Kucker dragoness Savanna Hush-talon along his travels and noticed she was traveling alone and asked if she would like a companion to travel with at first she declined but he offered her some food, water, safety and and any profit he would make with his goods and she accepted and a friendship bloomed, after time they slowly fell for one other.

Savanna Hush-talon
His love interest. He will do anything for her expect leave her.


Character belongs to me
Tales of Draconis Constelia Karasura-ka

Just tagging some of you in it in hope for inspiration on my sisters behalf because you're all amazing
poisondragon88 Stardust-Dragoness Constelia Belka-1100 Constelia Avenyl Karasura-ka StephDragonness AroonCat


Kyeronn's Profile Picture
Jessica Laube
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey there
I like to do photography and draw cats, dogs and mythical creatures (97% of the time are dragons) landscapes for a hobby. But I have been working on a story known as Rise Of Legends that takes place in a world called Rolcress were the only species that do not exist are humans. This has been something I have been trying to work on for a very long time. Any way I will be posting up lore, plant life, animals; natives, Charecters and every now and then plot ideas and personal notes and insights to see what you guys think.
Thanks for watching xoxox


Kyeronn has started a donation pool!
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Pay for adoptions and point commissions here

What will these points be used for? I will use these points to by Charecters, designs and spices to be added to my story as companions, wild life or play small rolls such as background or side Charecters. When will this happen? It is very slow moving going through old folder's and trying to read my own writing back 6-11 years ago and rewritein and mapping out the lore and story's an characters.

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thinking of opening comissions traditanal only 

11 deviants said yeah sounds cool
5 deviants said your good but i dont think you are ready for that step yet
2 deviants said NO BAD IDEA!!!


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